Get "Storms of 2005" featured on Oprah!

Feb 20, 2004
Windsor, Ontario
Hey guys!

I'm sure you are all well aware of the "Oprah effect" (basically, if something is featured on Oprah, the whole world pays attention to it).

Greg and Jim do not know this yet, but they are currently looking to feature people on Oprah who were inspired to take action to help those affected by last years' hurricanes. I think that the Storms of 2005 project would be the perfect thing to be featured on the show because so many of those who are passionate about extreme weather came together to contribute their talents (whether it be videography, production, music, etc) in order to produce something to raise money to help hurricane victims.

I think that we should all make a submission to the producers telling them why they should feature "Storms of 2005" on the show. If we can get it on the show, it is very likely that a lot more of the DVD's will be sold, and hence more money will be raised to help disaster victims!

Greg and Jim, I hope you don't mind that I've made this suggestion since it would hopefully be you guys going on national TV to speak about the project (as the executive producers) :).

The link to submit suggestions to the producers is:

and if that doesn't work, here is a general link. Click on "inspired to help victims of Hurricane Katrina?"
Thanks all, especially Melissa. I'll let you know if we get contacted. If we get chosen, I'll have to ask Tim Marshall for some Oprah show tips!