Tyler Buck

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone on here has successfully installed gempak by themselves? I'm trying to install it on ubuntu and the unidata instructions are really not that great. If anyone can give me some suggestions, links to other threads, tutorials or anything, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
I've done it on FreeBSD, the unidata instructions aren't that bad. Are you having a specific problem? If so provide more details and I'll see what I can do to help.

The online archives of the unidata mailing list are extremely helpful, search google for your problem if you have one and you can probably find the answer.

If you haven't started and are looking for more detailed instructions you might want to just see what you can do following the steps unidata provides. They worked ok for me!
Are you haivng trouble getting the software itself installed or getting the scripts made to get the data

I haven't had any problmes getting GEMPAK actually installed and NTL running but when it comes to the scripts to make it wokr well I had no clue

Rdale can provide the scripts at a very good price and if you can open up ftp and telnet to your box he can do it all over the internet which worked out great here
Thanks for the replies, sorry it took so long for me to get back. Basically I followed the installation instructions on the unidata site and nothing works. I've tried sflist, nsharp, but it just says that it is an unknown command. Also, do you have other software such as ldm installed? Thanks!
The install that you can download won't work, you have to compile it. I have it installed on my Ubuntu Dapper server but I have no idea how to even start it. I've not had time to read up on it yet.