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Gemind Meteor Shower

I am sure I am not the only one out tonight at least I hope not because so far the Geminids are really putting on a show. I saw several fireballish meteors but only was able to get one on camera.....


and a montage of a few I got during the same camera position...

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Aah that's what was going on. Saw at least two very bright meteors passing overhead last night, breathtaking stuff.

This event was more active than anticipated. I wasn't really counting, but I estimate I saw between 70 to 100 Geminids tonight between midnight and 4:30AM. They seemed to come in bursts with longer periods of inactivity. Aside from two or three fireballs (one of which was in frame of the video camera), the Geminids were not very bright nor photogenic. Their frequency made up for their lack of brightness, however.

Here is a video clip:


I was dealing with banded translucent cirrus all night, which hurt my visibility somewhat.
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