Gas Lines


Anybody else notice this going on. Here, north of Orlando Florida, as I was driving to the store, I noticed lines for gas, in excess of half an hour. I have not seen gas lines this long since the hurricanes last year... people are not helping a bad supply situation by spiking the demand at the most critical time... please use some sense people...
Not sure if this is happening anywhere else, but CNN showed gas stations in Atlanta selling gas for $5.65 to $6.08 dollars per gallon.
Some stations in Indianapolis were actually out of gas. If the supply is not there than prices will be very high. We have gone many days now without GoMex production and piping. I fear it is only a matter of time before some refineries run out of crude to process. Meanwhile other refineries are closed. Without refining capacity, release of the SPR may not be the ultimate solution. Unleaded futures were up again on Wed so prices will rise yet again Thurs morning. Spot shortages are possible and I would recommend keeping the tank on full just in case more trouble arise. All it will take is one large refinery to have problems (fire, earthquake, storm, etc) to really cripple supply in a portion of the country.
In Baton Rouge you have to wait in lines sometimes hours for gas or drive just out of the area. The only gas stations that is not happening at is the ones still without power. But we have a lot more people here than we did and poeple are filling 55 gallon drims with gas and drving from hammond and slidell to come here and get gas.