Garmin StreetPilot c330

Its been mentioned a few times here and there, but wanted to get some input on this. I'm looking to buy a toy, not only for chasing, but traveling in general. I know one of the drawbacks mentioned with this is the lack of great navigation. Seeing as I enjoy and do quite well in navigation and route planning, its not something huge to me. More than anything, I want a unit that'll show me where I am and where I am going. I've read a few reviews and see it on for $319. Anyone on here use it? For the price, it sure seems like a slam dunk!
Can't comment on that specifc model but I will say I am happy with the Garmin Street Pilot I have.
Good support, websites, updates, etc.
I bought my girlfriend a c340 as a graduation present and she loves it. I bought it for her so I would feel better about her job. With her being a CPS caseworker her job requires her to navigate some of the less desirable areas of Lubbock. Honestly, I think it has only pointed her in the wrong direction once and that was in the cluster *uck of AMA's one way street maze. I went with the higher model just for the feature of text to speech, this nice luxury allows it to talk to her not just with directions but actually say the street names.........that being said its always funny seeing how it pronounces some of these West Texas "down home" names!! If I was buying it for myself I would go with the lesser model just because I am more map savvy and don't need it to tell me street names. But would I suggest someone to buy it? Forsure. I just got a Garmin GPSMAP 60csx with the road navigation kit and I plan on using that as primary this spring so other programs can be in the forefront on the laptop.

Here is where I bought it, great service from them:

Hope this helps.

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I have one for myself and my wife. It works great except in newer developed areas where the streets haven't been updated. I use it when chasing, when I travel, etc. Very easy to use and very accurate for arrival times, directions, and it has some cool features (find gas stations, hotels, food, etc). Let me know if you get it and if you ended up liking it!