Fun with inversions

Dan Robinson

I drove from Raleigh, NC back home (to Charleston, WV) tonight, crossing the Appalachians in the process. Pretty crazy inversion-fest along I-77 between Wytheville, Virginia and Beckley, WV! My external thermometer recorded wild drops and rises in temperature with small changes in elevation, the greatest being a 17-degree drop from 52F at the summit of Flat Top Mountain in WV to 35F at the Ghent toll plaza, roughly 200-300 feet lower and only 2-3 miles away! Driving upgrade to Flat Top, the temperature rose steadily from 39F at Camp Creek to 52F at the Flat Top summit, an elevation change of around 1,000 feet. I also saw an amazing 16-degree drop from 49F at the northern side of Big Walker Mountain tunnel in Virginia to 32F in downtown Bland, VA about 5 miles away.

I had my arm out of the window nearly the whole time taking in the experience!

Take a look at the obs now - would be pretty cool to plot those on a 3-d topo map somehow.

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I noticed that while working the other night Dan. It is nice that you got to personally experience it! I remember reading about someone out of Denver a while back chasing inversions.....