Fun trying to cancel Sprint PCS service


Well this was fun... I called up to cancel my Sprint PCS data card service last month and was told that my service would be shut off then and I should only be billed for the 2 days after the billing cycle for the service since I was not under contract. They tried to offer me a discounted service plan but I was not interested since after some testing, I was able to get on line everywhere with Verizon when Sprint just said no service.

Today I saw my credit card was charged for $81.27 for December. After spending several minutes trying to get through the automated system to talk to a real person I was told that my account would be canceled. "Would be?" I then had to go and talk to a supervisor that said opps, it looks like you called on December 15th to shut the account down. After several more minutes on hold, I did get a refund. You really have to watch all of the people doing their jobs and your bank statements.

No joke Doug. This was the first month out of 6 that my bill has been correct with them. You gotta wonder how many millions of people/businesses just pay the bill w/o looking at the details.

We have a shared family plan (nothing special) and we get a 15% discount through work. First they charged us for the family plan AND a per minute rate (that was a nice bill!). The next month they charged us for an overage when we were some 280 minutes under our plan. The next month I got charged for PCS usage after having it cancelled two months prior. Then 4 of the last 5 months the discount was missing.

I just don't get it. The excuses were ridiculous, but at least everything was documented on their end so that the high level manager saw what was happening to my account.

I'll probably be looking elsewhere once this contract is up. My time on hold with them isn't even worth the money saved by adjusting the bill -- it's the principle of the matter.

I was at least pleased on the 2nd of the month when a Sprint supervisor actually called me at home to make sure that the incoming bill was correct! So maybe they did listen to my complaints.

I had sprint a couple of years ago, and their billing problems and customer service sucked horribly then as well. From the looks of the posts here, I'm glad I've stayed away as it sure looks they haven't made any improvements.

Yeah, I feel you on that; the billing and customer service aren't that great. However, I've found I get a good enough bargin to find it worth the once or twice a year hassle.
I had some Sprint billing issues after adding a 3rd phone to the plan which as supposed to be $9.99 added on and sharing the minutes. It got put on as it's own PER MINUTE plan. They fixed it that month after being on hold on the phone for a while and arguing with the guy. He kept trying to tell me they were OVERAGE charges even though I was on the tiered plan (no overages, just $5/tiers moving up) and after trying a number of times to get him to finally understand that MOST of the calls that were billing per minute were made during the free nights and weekends times. I kept asking him...if it's during the free can it be an overage? It finally clicked in his head.

The next month EVERYTHING was billing per minute. After being on hold for a while they credited that as well. Last month it still wasn't fixed and had almost a $1000 bill and added a late charge based on a percentage of the previous month of (incorrect) nearly $1000 bill.

This time I emailed them instead of calling and had a response back within 24 hours. Not only did they credit it, he fixed it and credited the late charge for all the problems I had. Even told me what days he was off work and I could email him any day he was working and he would take care of any problems.

This month everything was correct as it should be.

Perhaps going the email route with Sprint is the best way?

I think I have had service with them nearly 5 years now. I have no real complaints about the actual service end, and this is the first time there has been a major billing problem and they had no qualms about fixing it, although the time on the phone waiting as a pain.

I think I will use the email support from now on for any billing issues that might show up.
Two words: American Express. I don't like to run calling to mommy very often, but when in the course of human events it becomes necessary to cancel your cell phone they can be a big help.

If your charges are going onto a credit card, and they shouldn't be then your card company should cancel them out. American Express is particularly good at doing this.
My problem was the same as David's. My bill was over 500.00 last month after adding a line two months ago. They billed the new line per minute the first month. After I went in to the store they credited me the overage but then next month they billed my phone for each minute. I think that they have it all straightened out now. Time will tell.
Interesting... I've had no problems with sprint after doing all of these things, and in fact went to sprint after having so many issues with Cingular...

I don't really think any one or the other company is better at customer service.