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FS: A Bunch Of Stuff! Scott Liquidation Sale!

It's an exciting night here folks and I know I've got exactly what you need! (Picture this in your cheesiest used car salesman voice) I've been through all of my stuff and there's just not enough room for it all. Everything must go and I am ready to slash prices like a mad man! No further delays, lets get right down to it!

Behind Door #1

Whoa! An Inspeed Anemometer! Yes that's right, a 4 year old Inspeed Magnet Mount Anemometer that looks like it's only 4 days old. And nothing says noob like an anemometer stuck right to your roof in the slipstream giving you a false sense of how fast the wind is actually blowing! But I'm sure the crafty veteran can find some way to get this up in the air for a truer data set. Comes with a cable that hooks to some sort of bicycle speedo. Last time I used it, it worked fine BUT I'm guessing the speedo needs a new battery. Any questions about the item behind door #1, shoot me a PM. Asking price: $50 shipped!

"Hey, Scott $50 for an anemometer is a pretty sweet deal, but I'm lookin' to spend a little more than that." Well, I got just what you need then when you see what's behind door #2!


A Canon Rebel XTi?! Oh yes, it is a Canon Rebel XTi! You'll be photo'ing tubes in style with this 2 year old Rebel that works flawlessly. Comes with the body, Canon 18-55mm lens, wall charger, 2 batteries, an 8 gig SD Card, all original manuals and software, and camera bag! Camera does have a little wear and tear on it but nothing out of the normal. It's been my primary shooter for the past 2 years but Santa upgraded me to a T1i, so it's gotta go! Just think, this exact camera photographed the infamous Campo tornado, so you'll be owning a piece of history! Asking Price: $350 shipped

Still nothing that interests you? Would you consider yourself a bit of a risk taker? A gambler perhaps? Well, I have the deal of the century for ya then! See what's behind door #3!

A Yaesu FT7800! Yes, the Yaesu Ham Radio that no chaser should be without. It's a glorious little invention. Here's the thing though; it might not work. All I know is that it worked completely fine all of last season and then when I went to install it in my new ride, it wouldn't turn on. I admit I am not an electrical genius. It isn't any of the fuses on the cable but it could be just as simple as a blown fuse inside the unit. Or it could be something else. I was just about to send it in for repair but found a hell of a deal on a 7900 which is now installed in my car. So, this is a bit of a risk for the buyer but I am fairly certain that someone with some electrical know how could probably fix it. Comes in the original box with all original manuals, programming software and cable, microphone, and power cables. Good luck to anyone who wants to embark on this mission. Asking Price: $125

Also, a bit of flyer here on this but I am also trying to part ways with an Apple iPhone! Oh yeah, it's a first generation, 2G, beat to hell unit but it still works great. Screen has a crack in it across the bottom completely out of the way of the main display. Like I said, it works flawlessly. Completely updated iOS on it and 8 gigs of storage on-board. Asking Price: $75

Anyway, in all seriousness, if anyone is interested in any of this stuff just shoot me a PM and I'll get back to you soon. Thanks for looking!
Anemometer and Yaesu 7800 are tentatively sold...

Oh and an update on the iPhone. It's not a crack in the screen, rather just a line of dead pixels. This line is at the bottom of the phone and does not affect functionality at all. Could be good if you have Wifi in the car and want to run RadarScope?
For folks that miss this sale....I'll probably be in the same position (liquidation sale) by mid February. I won't junk this thread up, but wanted to post it since Scott sold a few things already that are quite similar to what I will have to sell.
Anemometer and Yaesu radio are now sold for sure...Rebel XTi and iPhone are still available! I'll leave them up for a week or so before hitting eBay.
Jason if you have a dual band radio for sell around the same price of Scott's I will buy it. Just PM me when you plan to list it.
Just a quick update on this; the Rebel XTi is now sold as well. All that's left is that sweet EDGE network iPhone. Come on folks, Paris Hilton has one and you could be just like her!
Yes I do! Like I said, it's pretty banged up but works completely fine. Throw a case on it and it'll look good. PM me for details.