french supercell... not utopic

:shock: look at this 2pages about 28 june 2005 in south west of France:

:arrow: 1rst page:
:arrow: 2nde page (the best):

the author is a friend ... not me :)
Than you very much for posting those images. I always like to see supercells.

I cannot speak French, but Babelfish can give an approximate translation.
Click on the following link and input the website URL to get an english translation.

Bill Hark
Originally posted by Andrew Khan
I still do not understand what it is.

If your talking about the arrow, let me explain it to you, maybe you just misunderstood Vincent..

The Arrow point to a rocket that was captured by the author of the photos (here's a close-up:

In France, because of all the wine makers, they need to protect their vines against Hailstones. So during big Supercells, they shoot dozens or so of these rockets into the storm cloud to hopefully destroy or reduce the size of the hailstones so it doesn't damage the vines. It's just that I don't know if there's a chemical product in the rocket payload to help reduce the hail...

Hope this helps
Thank you for explaining this to me, Gaetan. That is very interesting that they do that, but their are so many hail stones, that it would be hard to make ALL of them smaller.
Those are some excellent pictures of a beautiful photogenic storm. It looks almost Lp-ish at times. Great wall cloud and beaver tail. Are those funnel clouds I see?
Wow, Vicent :eek: !!

You are always bringing impressive photographs from France!! :wink: Thanks for sharing!