Forgotten password feature.

Dec 8, 2003
Leicester, England
FYI system Admins …

I tried to log in on a new PC at work today – not remembering my password I invoked the “forgotten password featureâ€￾ I got the email with the password ok – but the URL link the authorise the change keeps saying “not authorisedâ€￾ and the new password would not work.

Thankfully I am able to access the site still from my home PC and post this message.

Howver this may be by design ~ I just wanted to let the Admins know...
I had problem too when trying to change my email. It might have also thought I was trying to change my password because I also entered my password in change password section. I did this because of an error when it said I needed to enter my password but I had just not in the other locations. Anyhow, later when I too went to my email the link didn't work to reactivate my acount.
Can you PM me the message (with link) that it is giving you. I'm wondering if it's not constructing the URL properly.

The profile change features are kind of flaky and I know some people have been locked out of their account after making an E-mail address change.