Forecasting Contest

I'm going to put this out here for stromtrack members, personnal...

I run a weekly forecasting contest with a couple other weather boards. I am looking to expand it into new areas... Gainging many more participants.

An overview of the contest; You are given 5 cities throughout the US, and you forecast the highs/lows for Sun/Mon/Tue, and then only the highs for the rest of the week. For next weeks contest as an example please look here -
What I am wondering is where would this go if it was to be posted, and how many people would actually actively participate??


By the no responses that I have gotten... I'm going to go ahead and assume that nobody is interested.

Thanks to those of you who at least checked it out... :)
Very true,

The next contest doesn't come out until the end of this week so I will give it until then to determine the interest in the contest. For anybody still wanting to participate in it if I don't bring it over here, you are gladly welcome to participate it in by PM'ing me or joining with the link below...
Jayson, no reason not to at least try it. You might get a pretty good response.
So how does it work? When would you have to submit the tempatures and how would points be awarded?

sounds like a good idea for members of the forum. My suggestion would be to also include a precipitation cat within the contest. Would you post a weekly winner, etc on the board?
I moved this to Weather and Chasing since this doesn't have anything to do with the Stormtrack boards and forums. While it does invite ST members, it isn't something related directly to the board!

-Tony :)
Well hard to kind of explain all of it. Right now it is a forecasting contest that is being run on 5 weather boards and is recieving some decent exposure. There is a weekly winner and then also a monthly winner as well. To get the overall idea here is the link to the contest that we just finished this week:

Any other questions I would be glad to answer and possibly I could get it on the board for the next upcoming contest for the beginning of July.