FOR SALE: Sprint PCS Connection Card Novatel Merlin C201

Dec 11, 2003
Denton, Texas

I'm selling my Sprint PCS Connection Card on Ebay. Click on the images to get to the auction site with many more details and specs for the card.

The reason I'm selling this is that I purchased a new Nokia 6820 and the data connection cable should be sufficient for cellular internet needs. And the reason I don't need cellular anymore is that I have XM now, and between that and wi-fi, should be all set for data.


I can't recommend this card enough. It performed brilliantly last season along all major interstates and many secondary highways, particularly in eastern Kansas, eastern Nebraska, and along interstates 27, 35, 44, 20, 70, and 80. It maintains an almost continuous signal along the "highway to heaven" in Texas, 287, between the DFW metroplex and the panhandle, and at least 100 miles west of Denton on 380.

A major advantage of a card like this is that if you have a motel room without wi-fi, then as long as you're in a Sprint town or near the interstate, you'll have relatively high-speed connectivity without hassling with motel phones. Not to mention it is a much more stable connection than a typical Ositech-style setup, and so you can drive hundreds of miles without dropping the signal. I can go from Indianapolis to Kansas City on the same session.


This is a PCMIA Card which means it plugs into your laptop and runs through the installed software. However it is a cell phone, with its own 'phone number,' which means you must activate service through Sprint PCS. They are constantly expanding their network.

Again, the auction is located here.