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For sale*Canon T2i with 18-55mm lens,Lowe Pro Case,UV filter, and 16GB SD card

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Taylor Campbell

I'm selling my Canon T2i, and other items with the camera. This includes a UV filter, 18-55mm lens, Lowe Pro carrying case, and a 16GB sd card. You will get the original charger, and the box with the manual, and CDs. The camera is in excellent condition, and very few if any blemishes. I'd like to get $600 dollars, and that includes shipment at first class rate. I'm not able to post pictures this evening, but will tomorrow. Please, private message me about any questions, or request for purchase.

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I posted a picture of the camera, and photos taken with the camera. Notice the images have not been edited.
Haven't heard back from you in private messages. So I'll post here. Anyway you could get more pics of camera itself? Would you be willing to sell just the body & charger? If so, how much? Thanks for your time.
I responded. I'll send more pictures upon your request should you like to proceed. Thank you, and sorry for the delay.