Finally, a good storm in Iraq!!:)

Mar 3, 2004
Mt Prospect, IL
Here are some pictures from a very electric little storm this evening. The structure in the background is a bridge over the Tigris river. It takes so long for these things to upload here. Not a bad little storm at all. I'm happy now. 8)




I don't know why three of them are showing up small. :?:
David, those are not only cool shots in themselves but are extremely cool considering where they were taken and who they were taken by!

Could be one of the first chase videos from Iraq!
Awesome, David!! I agree the pictures are all the cooler because they were taken in an area we don't usually see storm pictures from! Thanks!
Way to go you did it you captured an event most of us in the states can't get! Electrical activity in a desert area like Iraq is a rare opportunity indeed and tose are some nice branches very cool thanks for showing these off. A decent thunderstorm that fired up in Iraq of all places that's incredible and you caught it all on film. :lol:
David I wish you all the best stay safe out thier.

"Free souveniers assorted sizes readily availiable, convieniantly deliverd right through your windshield. Visit your nearest supercel storm today punch the core and come get some :!: :shock:"
Well, we had a near miss this evening. It was cool, blustery, and grungy most of the day, and moderate rain started to fall before sunset. After dark, the grunge cleared to allow a spectacular view of a storm moving to my north. The lightning was pretty frequent, and it was cool to see the structure of the cumulonimbus clouds. I didn't have my camera with me at the time. As Homer Simpson would say, "DOH!" This just proves that Accuweather continues to suck, as they forecasted a 0% thunderstorm potential for today, one of the reasons I did not have my camera. I can't wait to get back home where I have additional information to interpret forecasts better or make my own. Relying on Accuweather or Weather Underground really sucks. If that storm had passed over me, it probably would have been far more intense than the one two weeks ago. It looked like the north side of the city was getting hammered. There could be another storm overnight or in the morning.