Film recommendations

I've been shooting slide film for about the last 2 years now in my Canon AE-1. No one as far as I know here in mobile does in house slide development, so i have to send stuff off. I probably have 8 rolls that i still need to send. When I shot print film I got in good with one person at the local 1 hour and they took good care of my photos. While not as timely as shooting digital, I can wait an hour. Therefore I'm thinking of making a return to print film just to try it out. That and I can get them on a CD in a timely manner. I know i can get slides put on a CD and if i can find someone locally i'll stay with slide film.

So what is the current hotness in print film?

So far I'm liking the specs on this kodak film

Gonna go this route for a while untill i can afford to go digital SLR.
So what is the current hotness in print film?


I shot some AGFA UltroPro last year and liked it, but now they went out of business. I currently have a roll of Reala 100 sitting in my bag waiting for its day...

But like you, I shoot slide film when chasing... Velvia 100.

Velvia is the only way to go if you must shoot film, imho, although, I no longer shoot film, except for the occasional roll of black and white. Fred even has software to emulate Velvia in Photoshop. I think it will be remember as the best filmed, as film slowly becomes a niche market.

Digital is great, but film is just plain fun sometimes. Nothing like sitting in the bathroom for a few hours developing B&W negatives!