Fate of car crushed on I-70

Dec 8, 2003
Kansas City, Missouri
Ok ... this is the WEIRDEST coincidence ever.

Remember my post Sunday night about talking to Darin, Dick & Mike D. when they came across a car that had been crushed on I-70 by a semi and we didn't know the fate of its occupants?

Well now we do.

I was sitting at work when a workmate this morning starts telling me this story ... about her housekeeper's daughter who happened to be traveling down I-70 on Sunday night. When they realized the storm was going to hit them and the winds suddenly became furious, they pulled under an overpass and ran up the embankment to the top (at this point I had to tell all the workmates how bad this was, and they all said 'but I thought you're SUPPOSED to get under an overpass, yada yada yada) ... so anyway, she goes on to relate that just as the couple got up the embankment, the tornado passes over and crashes a semi onto their car, completely crushing it. The couple were hurt, with minor injuries ... cuts and bruises. Gravel was embedded into their skin and mud filled their ears and nose and mouths, but they were okay.

This is so weird, but I thought you guys might want to know what happened to the occupants of that car ... they're going to be fine. It's incredible that they even survived, though -
Ok ... this is the WEIRDEST coincidence ever.


Thanks for posting that Mike. I know after witnessing that, all three of us were speechless for several minutes and our only hope was that whoever was in that car got out before the tornado hit. Please pass on my best best wishes for a speedy recovery.


Wow, pretty incredible. Sounds to me like if they hadn't have believe in the power of overpasses and gotten out of their vehicle they would be dead.

Personally I think overpasses are an option. Not a good one, but better than others. It depends on the situation.

This time the overpass probably saved their life.
At least they got out of the car. On the 12th this month we saw many cars under the overpasses, and the occupants were still in them (probably because nothing stirred them to leave). What I find amazing though is that when there is no more room to park cars under the overpasses, the cars keep lining up. These people remain in their vehicles with nothing over them at all... dangerous irrational behavior.