Fantasy Chase Partner/Team

Hey you forgot...


You forgot to mention a few other WB characters like:

Tweety - I thaught I thaw a Puddy a twister!!

Granny - Ohhh, I love playing games! Where's my CAPE??

And of course the big name star himself:

Bugs Bunny: Ehhh? (Chews on a Allsup's Burrito) What's Up Doc??
Is that a lifted index that's steaming up my tail??
Of course, you know, this means War!!
Now's where's my Tornado Intercept Vehicle??

:lol: :lol: :lol:
My dream team

Ben Affleck - Hood Ornament
Kenny Chesney - Goin' fishin',dancin' and singin' afterwards
Colin Powell - You know that man has got to be good at getting out of sticky situations!!
Jerry Sienfeld - He can call Superman if Powell falls through, also comedy relief

and last but not least

(To-Be-Sainted) Mother Teresa for all the prayers I'm gonna need with that crew in my vehicle!!!!!!
Oh you guys know my answer!!!!

I'll give you a hint...he's probably HUNG like a horse...:p...just kidding!

Seriously, though, I like Richard's answer.