Fantasy Chase Partner/Team

Mar 2, 2004
Northern Colorado
Okay.. out of bordom, I came up with a wacky idea..

The question... other than a storm chaser, who would be your dream partner/team and why?

For example, you cannot choose a real-life chaser.. this is more of a celebrity chase partner..

-Jessica Simpson cause its something nice to look at when the weather isn't
-President Bush cause he can make the laws as you go
-Art Monk cause you have someone to play toss with during the downtime
-Forrest Gump cause weather's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get

That type of thing.. be creative, create a team..
My all star team

-Dan Snyder (Redskins owner), because he would pay for anything.
-Homer Simpson because the Simpsons is awesome.
-Condoleeza Rice because she would scare police and other chasers away.
-Brandon Boyd of Incubus, so he could regail us with a tune.
God - because then I could have exactly what i wanted when i wanted with little effort, and God could make sure that nothing got damaged, no one got hurt, and I would always know exactly how strong the tornado was, and my camera would never screw up! :angel5:

Garth Brooks.....I think he's a closet storm chaser, and during non-active times, he could sing!!
BTW, my examples weren't my team.. this is who I'd choose..

Tony Stewart - Driver; well duh! 8)
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President Bush - Photographer 1; have him pardon anything I'd do wrong on the road. :D
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Jackie Chan - Stuntman; does his own stunts, hoping maybe he'd take a close peak at the tornadoes. :wink:

Jessica Simpson - Again, well duh! :D
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Shania Twain - The other half of Jessica's 'well duh', cept she can sing and is probably better to have a real conversation with!
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What a funny question - never heard this one before ...

Since we're dealing with fantasy, how about:

-Kevin James or Dave Chapelle (need to laugh)
-Ansel Adams (would love to see some tors using his b&w techniques)
-Obi Wan Kanobi (the force comes in handy to assist with tornadogenesis)
-Maya Angelou and Mark Twain (to write about it when it's over)
-Joe Montana (to play catch before initiation)
-Theodore Fujita (to come up with a new rating scale)
Phil Collins - "I can feel it coming in the air tonight."
Taz - I love impressionists!
Mark McGwire - "Hey guys, let's see what happens when I hit this ball into a tornado!" (The ball has "Tornado Attack" written on it)
Gollum/Smeagol - He could track anything and not be noticed.
Off hand, I would take these women chasing with me.
-Shania Twain
-Meg Ryan
-Helen Hunt
-Jennifer Aniston
-Dawn Wells (Mary Ann from Gilligan)
-Sharon Resultan (The Weather Channel)

Here's my dream list, some living, some dead, some with reasons, some not.

1)George W. Bush: Give him lots to drink, drive into the heart of Cherry Co. NE., let him get out to pee and drive off.

2)John Kerry: See Above

3)Heck, any politician in DC: See Above

3)Robert E. Lee, James Longstreet and Thomas J. Jackson: Would love to discuss their strategy and tactics.

4)My 3rd Great Grandfather Deason: To learn first hand what the foot soldiers at places his regiment fought at (Bloody Lane at Sharpsburg, Devil's Den, etc.) experienced.

5)Dale and Ralph Earnhardt

6)Dave Gilmour and a couple of his guitars (one Gibson acoustic and one Strat.)

7)Eric Idle: We'd have a hell of a sing-a-long, including "The Bruce's Philosopher Song" while wetting down at a dive somewhere in KS.

8) <Insert your favorite local clueless weather dude or bunny>: To grab 'em by the neck and go "THIS is what a wall cloud looks like and THIS is what a tornado looks like and THIS is the most dangerous part of the storm, and THIS...."

9) Dizzy Gillespie: No so much to jam with him, but to poke his cheeks when he plays.

10) Dave Drummond: After this year, he could be on permafrost in Northern Alaska in January and SOMETHING interesting is bound to happen. A Polar Bear chase while the Aurora Borealis descends to the earth, blows out his windows and charges him with ionized particles, rendering him luminescent (but not necessarily impotent), maybe?

11) Well, since this is dream list, how about any sexy, apprpriately dressed "good girl" librarian who I meet during a data stop who happens to have always wanted to explore the intellectual mind of a storm chaser in the heat of the pursuit. Intellectual, yeh right. Then we could have some drinks, drive to the middle of Cherry Co., NE and....

12) Ok, if I can't have the librarian, what about an Amish chick?

I'm sure to think of more AFTER I take my meds. :)


Considering Tony's all-out style of racing and his apparent "dislike" of photographer-types, could you imagine the carnage that would occur if he was driving? :)


Plus T would be a great lightning rod; some of the "gold" has got to be some other cheap metals.

Your tornado count would be a lot higher as well. For instance, if you were showing another chaser your video and the other chaser says, "That ain't no tornado", you could throw your thumb over your shoulder towards T covering your six and say, "You wanna tell him that, FOOL!" :)


Not really my ideal group, but how about the Warner Brothers chase team.

Foghorn Leghorn: What, I say, what will it take to break this cap, son?
Porky: Take a look at these adebadebadebadebadiabatic, eh, lapse rates!
Elmer: Heeeey, there's something awfuly scwewy going on awound here. The laptop keeps dwapping the connection!
Daffy: That's because our cell service is desssspicable.
Sylvester: Suffrin' succotash!! Camcorder ate the tape again!
Foghorn: That, I say, that's why you're supposed to use Sony tapes with a Sony camera, son! (cat's a good forecaster, but a few beans short of an Allsup's burrito)
Yosemite Sam: Ooooh! you long-eared, fur-bearin, flat-footed varmint! You're standin' right in my video!
Elmer: Shhh! Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm on the phone with the nowcasteh!
Taz: Spinup! Spinup! Wait, no, only Taz in rearview mirror......
Porky: This s-s-storm's gettin' eh, outflow dominant! Adebadadehadebadadeh, eh, that's all folks!
Yosemite Sam: Oooooh, I hate this death ridge...