Examples of Close Proximity of Summer Warnings/Winter Warnings

Dec 10, 2003
Great Plains
As I was looking at Texas this afternoon I noticed this:


A Tornado Warning directly up against a winter storm watch, Ice Storm Warning, Flash Flood Warning (there are two things you don't want to see right next to each other!!!). These kind of events fascinate me to see these events so close to each other, winter clashing head to head with severe convection.

Anyone else have examples of close tor/svr warnings with winter warnings that you can share? I know this has been brought up, but I am looking for pictures such as the one above that may have been saved by someone at one time or another.
Wow, i had been in class all day and then work right after so i hadnt got to look at anything weather related till now, but that is facinating... It had looked real nasy here all day, thought something was bound to turn up. Rather warm today to for this time of year. The high today was about 65. Anyway, thanks for the post