Everybody's gonna want one of these...

I soooo want one and fully intend to get my name on the waiting list.

As long as we're going with the Ark II* look, let's throw in one of these just to get a slightly better angle than the next chaser:



*"Ark II" is a dated reference. If you were not born in or before the 70\'s, please do not inquire as to what it means.
I've always been a big Nissan fan. I would definately have to find a way to buy that!
Pretty cool, not sure about the lack of window viewing in the back though, but definitely good for people trying to crunch some numbers or do some analyses on a laptop while on the road. It's like a mobile office. I'm sure it won't be cheap, but maybe it will be a hybrid?
Originally posted by Gaetan Cormier
Now the question is.....?

Is it hail proof? :lol:
I would hate to see that top window crashing on heads because of large hail :?

"We're getting hail!!! Shields up, go to red alert!"
(arm photon torpedoes) Ha!! :eek:
It appears all of the thought was put into the inside...pretty freaky!

Not sure about that exterior though..“scientists, geologists, archaeologists or adventurersâ€￾? Doesn't look like something I'd take off-road.

It would look right at home on the streets of Miami with a set of 20's and a bit of lip.