Enterprise Alabama Tornado video

I posted this in chase reports, thought I could as well here.

You can clearly see when it strikes the school. The condensation funnel falls apart, revealing multiple vorticies, as well as a renegade suction vortex on the left side. Large pieces of debris fly up as it hits, and is visiblle rising vertically at high rates of speed, as well at cloud base. The RFD is clearly visible, gusting and pickg up a trampoline, tossing it over 2 fences, then into the side of a house. When it zooms out you clearly see the RFD dry slot curling into the storm. Perhaps the best video you'll find of the structure of this multi-vortex wedge.

FOX Birmingham, Alabama
Hey guys :)

Thank you Ray for posting the link :), there was much closer video footage of the tornado as it was passing in front of that same hotel, as someone had recorded it in a cell phone, and it was definitely a pretty nasty wedge tornado, in fact the base looked be be in around 1/5 - 1/4 mile wide during the short clip of the footage :)

It was on the NBC news web page, but I don't know if it's still there or not, as I came across it, when I was looking for footage of the tornado, to see if I could get an indication of it's general strength :)

I'll have a look on NBC now and if they still have the video clip, I'll post a link for you guys :)

Thank you so much for posting the link .

I saw the video that you are talking about Willie but it is no longer on there web page .