East Tennessee Derecho

Dec 4, 2003
Norman, OK
A bit of weather excitement last here as a derecho blew though ( :oops: ...sorry, bad pun there). The first severe warning for my area (Anderson County in E TN) came out about 5:45pm, but not much came out of that storm, just some light rain and light (<10mph) wind. About 5 minutes after the warning expired, the sky went black, and I grabbed the video camera just as two (yes, two!) trees took out the power line in the back yard. The wind went from 0 to ~60mph in just a few seconds, taking out several trees in my immediate neighborhood, including uprooting a maple tree across the street and draping it across my neighbor's front porch (no serious damage, and she's OK). Now it's into the cleaning up the mess, and waiting for the power to come back on (utility company not giving any estimates on time frame...just "we'll get to it sometime :( ...typing this report from the computer lab at my old college).
Many more reports of damage from surrounding counties...Morgan, Scott, Union and Knox got hit pretty hard too.
Possibility of round two today...hope not...got to work :cry:

I'm jealous of Angie. I wait for the day when I'm taking video of a squall line/derecho and a tree or trees go down as im taking video. I'd also like to get video as a roof comes off a house. I dont want to see people hurt or lose their homes, but it would be good video. Afterward i'd probably pitch in some money to help with the rebuilding :)
Rich, let's just say if I decide to release the vid for public viewing, there will be need for some audio editing :shock: :lol: