dvd sales rights in your stock video sales


Something that I wanted to point out is that when you license your video for a TV show, don't forget about the DVD rights.

People often overlook the very profitable dvd home sales rights. If a production company is going to license video from you for a TV show, make sure you get the DVD home video rights on a separate license.

For an example, look at the number of hurricane katrina dvd's on the market by major production companies and TV networks that use stock footage. There is National Geographic, Discovery, Spike Lee, and PBS Nova along with some local TV stations producing their own DVDs of their on air broadcasts.

Now if you license your work for a TV show, how many shows in the past went on to be Home Video DVD Sales? In the past this was not a problem but now the clients are seeing the home video sales as another income generating stream.

This means we need to start tacking on a home video per unit fee. It may only be $.03-$.05 per unit. But if a TV show goes on to sell a DVD and sells 50,000 units and you get $.05 per unit, that is an extra $2500.00 you just made for doing nothing but making a sound footage license.