DVD Burning

Did a search concerning DVD burning on the forum, but was curious what the latest is on getting this done. Kind of out of the loop on this topic and need to brush up on what is out there and what people are finding that works the best for getting their videos on DVD.

For the most part, I've finished editing my spring video now ... the three primary events of May 22, 24 and 29th took forever to sort through ... May 29th still probably has about an hour of video, even after whittling out the nonessential stuff and concentrating mainly on the tornadoes!

I wanted to wait until the end of October to finalize this year's stuff (just hoping I might get in on another good chase or two) ... but right now it seems like I have LOADS of .avi on my laptop and just wondering about the best way of converting it over to readable DVD format ...

Search the wx-chase archive for my thoughts...lol. I ain't typing anymore on it. I sent out a long one just a couple months ago that you might find worthy. Use TMPGEnc........it's free.......it's the best at encoding out there(and/or at least tied with the best).

I'll now post for Fred.....use Vegas...lol. Vegas probably does a great job but I gaurantee TMPGEnc is cheaper.
No doubt that Vegas is your answer. Mike were both in KC get ahold of me and i can provide you the solution on the cheap ;)
Hey Fred - thanks ... think I've got a handle on it now (somewhat) ... after going back and reading all the posts on the subject, it looks like a half scary project. My brother just got finished with six DVD projects ... all of which ran great on one of his players, and not another. Mike H. mentioned this problem with JVC equipment, but I think we've got it figured out ...

Thanks for the help -