Do you have a storm shelter?

Thomas Loades

Being the blatant WX-weenie that I am, it occurred to me while our house is being renovated that now the first floor bathroom has lost its skylight, it would be an effective storm shelter as it is now a windowless, fairly small room a the center of our house — even though we may never need it as a storm shelter . . . but you never know.

Do you have a specific place in mind where you'd take shelter in a severe weather event?

And if you don't, now may be a better time to think about it than when the tornado sirens go off in your neighborhood. (And you're not chasing, of course.)
A storm chaser with a storm shelter! Hmmmm now thats an oxymoron! :D

I do not have a storm shelter. If it gets that bad I will take my wife and daughter to my parents house where they have an underground storm shelter. I will be out getting video footage and sending reports on it.
I have a reinforced concrete (8" thick, including ceiling) enclosed room in my basement (north wall). I'd feel pretty safe in there. Many houses on this street have one, with the houses being built in 1953, it might of been considered a bomb shelter or some sort (who knows).
Our TV station was once a bank building, and on every floor there are vaults... but the newsroom is underground in a steel-reinforced concrete bunker like room. Probably the safest place around... unless the upper floors collapse. :shock:

It's so dense it's impossible to get a digital cell signal down there.

Originally posted by Carrie Halliday
Agreed, but I live in a metro area and chasing something this close to home would be a disaster with our traffic.

Living in a metro area would be difficult to chase with the traffic. Even on sunny days the traffic can be a headache not to mention if there was a severe storm in the area.
I try to avoid metro areas while chasing for that reason.
I got a small room that is compleatly reinforced with concrete down behind my garage. I don't know why it was built that way. LOL, though I don't think I would ever use it as a shelter from a Tornado.
At my last house I built an 6' x 6' underground storm shelter in 2001, with generous help from Shane Adams. I don't think I'll ever try that again... a pre-fab drop-in shelter would have been a bit cheaper and more waterproof. Cost, with materials, extra tools, and equipment rental was about $5000 or so.. And I never want to see Oklahoma red clay ever again! :)

:roll: I think most of us pretty well know if a Tornado is even remotely close. If you are like me, I'm like a caged cat if I can't get out there and find it. So----, no need for a storm shelter at my house cause I'm not going to be there anyway. But, my neighbor has a safe room just in case I'm caught with no way to get out there
Like most - if there's a tornado, I'll be following it and not hiding from it. But if a tornado occurs at NIGHT and I'm not chasing, then I'd head to the basement - which has a utility room that is not under the frame of the house and would offer some good protection.

Some friends of ours lost their home in Liberty last year ... they were trying to get to the basement when it hit, and fortunately they didn't make it - because the entire house collapsed into the basement with virtually no space that would have been safe for them. One was in a doorway and one dove under a table and fortunately both happened to be in areas that ended up safe - We actually have video of their home within just a few minutes of the tornado - while they were still trapped inside waiting for rescue. Seeing the rubble that was left of their home, I am still amazed that they survived at all.

Sometimes the basement is not the best idea (as also illustrated by the tavern in Uttica, Illinois this year that claimed eight lives).
When I was younger my parents rented a house that had a basement.

My fear of tornadoes went from getting hit by one, to whether or not I would make it to the basement in time - hehehe

I think that was the first time I realized I needed to get over it.
The parents and I live in a summer house built entirely of wood so if there's a tornado, and I'm not chasing it, I'm probably just gonna hit record and go stick my head in the toilet - it's the only option LOL