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DISC: Major Winter Storm for Pacific NW

Billy Griffin

A series of winter storms have already plagued the Seattle area and all throughout the Pacific Northwest. Now is when things get REAL interesting...

Looks like a powerful Mountain Wave event will impact the greater Seattle area, especially the foothills of the Cascades. Winds sustained ~ 50 with gusts to 90+ in some locales!


Certainly with all the snow on the ground now, and the potential for more snow with this type of wind, this could be a devastating storm! Already, NWS and media is stating possible week-long power outages.
Upgraded to High Wind Warning now... 90mph gusts almost certain in some of the mountain gaps and here in the eastern King Co. foothills.
Never seen quite the "doomsday" forecast as the SEA WSFO is calling for this weekend throughout most of western Washington! Blizzard Warnings up for most of the Cascades and lower foothills. Winds still anticipated (sustained) at 75mph +. Whiteout conditions... this could be a once in a century type storm for Seattle.............. IF this really transpires.

Took the family out shopping this evening - big mistake! Lines were forever long, people buying up food, generators, batteries... what would have been a normal 30 minute commute between town and the malls turned into 3+ hours!
Hi Billy, the snow here in Idaho has not let up for a while now. We have had conitnous days of snow and wind and today was probably the most significant storm so far. Close to 10 inches fell on 6-7 inches that was already on the ground. To top that off winds of 30+ mph have been creating white out conditions with significant drifting of snow. I plowed my driveway 3 times today and the highest drift was around 2 feet tall. As I type there are more dirfts that are getting taller and by morning I am guessing that I will be digging the cars out just to get off my property.

The extended outlook has snow for all 7 days and every other storm is a significant snow producer. Like you said about "storm of the century" its looking like a record winter here.

Looks like another potent storm to roll in Christmas Eve/Day. Winter Storm Watch issued for much of Idaho, and likely to be upgraded to warnings later today. Another nice looking moisture tap feeding into this storm system as well, making this storm very similar to the last one.
I-86 which in the main Interstate connector from southern Idaho to Utah has been closed for the past two days due to blowing snow.

Looks like Portland will be getting a white Christmas! When was the last time that happened? Wow.