Digi camcorders

I don't pretend to be an expert on US prices, but these three seem a little expensive for what they are - they are non current models. For the same price or less you can get entry level Mini DV from Canon, Panasonic and Sony.

The first two you link too are Hi 8, believe it was good in its day, but day was long ago. If you want to edit tape and avoid degradation from analogue capture, go the DV.

The DV53 seems to have one advantage however, and that is maybe why you are looking at it ? According to the specs on Camcorderinfo.com it has a 1/4 inch CCD, whereas all the other entry level DV tend to hav 1/6.

Anyway check out this site - the prices seem to be sharper.

thank you sir!

I was wondering about the 8mm tape crap. Don't want to deal with that at all.
Seems that I'm in the same boat as you. I need a good camcorder, but can't spend a fortune on it. Let me know what you decide on and how it works out for you, and if anyone else here has any more opinions on what to get, let me know, please.
out of those three i would choose the panasonic Mini DV

Go Mini DV if you can... Digital is the way to go for editing etc..

I suggest to you shopping at B&H or EVS online.. those are the only two better known companies trusted in the higher end mail order industry. Otherwise trying to save a buck may cost you a few.
well, I'll probably start looking seriously soon. My only problem is keeping the cost under $300ish.

Get credit card paid down, add $300 + to it!
Those first two Sonys aren't even digital cameras, so I would immediately dismiss those. Try to search out for mini-DV or Digital 8. Digital 8 has pretty cheap media and would cost less to buy for I would imagine. I have a pair of Sony Digital 8s and both are great. If you can get passed the bottom loading, they're excellent values; both I paid less than $350 for a piece.
I'd loveto avoid anyhting using a format style tape and go straight to a card, I know about nothing when it comes to digicams, I know format film cameras and a bit about digital cameras...
You could avoid using tapes, but I wouldn't. If you wanted to, you could hook up your camera via the firewire cable to the computer and record straight to the hard drive. I may consider doing this for some all day long time-lapse, but for storm footage, I record on tape and dump to the computer later.

I just bought a backup Sony digital8 for $298. It seems to do great so far. , but you can't compare it to the 3-chip expensive models.
I would spend the extra few dollars for the DV. The quailty is a lot better and you have more options. I agree the 3CCCs are the best. Even those are coming down on price.
If you have a 1000.00 to spend, I would check out the Pan DVC7.

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