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Denver-Boulder AMS Storm Chasing Meeting

Last night, the Denver-Boulder AMS held their annual (sort of) Storm Chaser meeting for the members of the AMS along with local Denver-area weather nerds. A decent crowd attended to see 4 presentations from local storm chasers, including myself and fellow Stormtrack man, Verne Carlson.

Verne presented first and his video of May 10 was incredible as many whom have seen it have already posted on this site. I was in awe over the big tornado. Great contrast!

I presented next, showing 3 segments; including the F-2 outrun on Highway 2 in Kansas on May 12. I also showed my "Devil's Dance" video clip from May 29 which drew the biggest ooo's and aaaa's from the crowd. My final segment was a 80s Hair Band music video featuring many of my tornadoes from this year.

Greg Thompson showed various slides of tornadoes he got this year! He has some wonderful photographs!

Last was Roger Hill who wowed the crowd with his up close and personal experiences. We even got to hear him yell to his driver as a tornado tossed airborne debris lass than 200 yards away, "Step on it or we're gonna die!" That was hilarious! He also showed some incredible Hurricane footage shot by Jim Edds. Insane stuff!

It was a good way to spend the evening. Best of all, I was finally able to meet fellow Stormtrackians (new word, Tim) Verne Carlson and Chris Rozoff who both came to the meeting. I was glad to finally meet the other two big Colorado posters in person! Thanks for coming, guys!

I had a chance to go work in the Denver area on an assingment, but had to pass for family concerns. Woulda loved to have been there!
Hey Tony and Chris,
It was great to finally meet you guys! I look forward to meeting up with you guys next spring out on the high plains!

For me the highlights of the evening were Tony's music video which was well timed to the music and Roger Hill's close encounters this spring. The hurricane footage was just incredible - it showed what it must be like inside the debris swirl of a moderate tornado. Lots of sheet metal and wood flying around - crazy stuff!

Can't wait for the National Storm Chaser conference in February!