Dell Axim X3 and GPS

Jason Boggs

I just bought a Dell Axim X3 along with the Pharos brand GPS. I bought this from Joey Ketcham who is a registered user on this forum. If you are on a tight budget and want GPS without having to get a laptop, I would highly recommend this combo. The pharos mapping software is very detailed which shows all roads including dirt roads. I am very pleased with this new toy and it will help out tremendously since I will be going solo quite a bit this year. Has anybody else had any great experiences with a GPS pocket PC combo?
Axim 3 / GPS

Do you find it pretty easy to read while in your vehicle? I have an Axim 3 also and have been contemplating a GPS for it. Also, can you change the view to landscape? Take care and 73.

Christopher, N3QXX
Yes, it is very easy to read while in the vehicle. You can zoom in and out and you can also pan with the GPS. I believe you can also use landscape mode but I'm not absolutely positive. I very highly recommend this if you want to go with GPS at a cheap price. I got it yesterday and tried it out last night and was extremely pleased. Money well spent...
I use my IPAQ 3950 and SIRF CF GPS all the time.
I also have a Garmin that I can link to my laptop- It very rarely gets an outing nowdays. The other most important accessory was a car charger lead. If used for more than 2 1/2 hours the PDA battery started to run down quite rapidly - this is because the GPS is using alot of the power.
I am now looking at a second PDA with built in phone - they take up so little room and you can still have other people in the car without large brackets cluttering up the interior.
Glad to hear it's working out well for you Jason. It's definately a cheap way to go for storm chasers wanting to have GPS and also a way to get internet connection.

I tried the Wifi out on it a few times and it is awesome.