Mar 18, 2004
Lawrence, KS
Matt Jacobs, Dick McGowan, and I have compiled all of our best chasing footage since 2003 into one action filled DVD. This DVD includes 12 of our favorite chases and includes only the most action packed footage of those events so you are never sitting down.


The price of the DVD is $20 and includes shipping.

go to http://tornadolive.com/da.htm to get more information and check out a video preview. Also, we are willing to trade videos.
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I just got my copy of Danger Ahead last week and have watched it several times over since then. As far as tornado video goes, this dvd is stocked full of it. From beginning to end, there is rarely a moment without a tornado occurring.

The dvd wastes no time in getting going, opening with a monster Kansas tornado from the May 8th outbreak in 2003. From there you are carried through the next couple years of tornadic events including amazing footage from May 29 2004, June 9 and 12th 2005. You also get an up close view of some cold core action from November of 2005. The March 12th 2006 video, though shot at night will keep you on the edge as the tornado grows ever larger as they yell to motorists to stop them from driving directly into it.

Danger Ahead wastes no time, if you're looking for a tornado video packed DVD, this is the one for you.
Just got done watching this video over the weekend....

Darin Brunin and company make their produciton debut with their chase documentary titled "Danger Ahead." If you like tornadoes, then you certainly won't be disappointed with their work.

You know you are in for a treat when the opening scene is of a monster wedge from KS in '03. This lays out the theme of their film pretty bluntly...tornadoes...tornadoes...and guess what...more tornadoes!

To me, the class of this film is by far the May 29th, 2004 supercell in North Central Kansas. It is probably of the most impressive storms that I have seen in person and or film. It definitely is a jaw dropper! I don't want to give any more details away, so you will have to pick up the DVD for yourself!!

The wide angle views and time lapse footage are other features that make this film that more enjoyable to watch! These guys' ambition and love for storm chasing is really evident in their work. I definitely recommend picking this one up!!
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Wanted to say thanks to Darin for putting this production together.

Lots of tornadoes, I enjoyed every second.

Some of those storms in KS served as a reminder of why I miss the sunflower state so much.

Thanks for including some of my footage. I can't wait to contribute to your next effort.

Great Job
I really enjoyed watching Darin, Dick & Matt's Danger Ahead DVD. The movie is packed with tornadoes of all types and character. From rope's to wedges, to huge dusty bowls. If you like cold-core tornadoes they got a wealth of them too. Some nice night catches, including one where they work to inform unsuspecting travelers that a tornado is approaching.

The June 12, 2005 chase starts with a very nice tube with clear motion, great shape and repeated thunder. Then the dusty supercell continues on churning and feeding off the dusty Texas fields. The next tornado is one of the best in the movie where a low knob of a tornado works over the fields. All the while the low level tornado cyclone rapidly rotates around the tornado. As could be expected the June 9, 2005 stuff is also very photogenic with a great contrast tornado being further complimented by a second one.

Great job guys,
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Finally had a chance this weekend to sit with some chaser friends and check out "Danger Ahead." This video will put you in the mood for supercells and tornadoes and make you check the calendar. There's not a dull moment in the entire production. Good job, guys.