Cost of a New Doppler Radar.....Need Help for a paper!

Jul 29, 2004
New Jersey/Iowa
Hey all,
I'm writing a paper exploring the financial and political feasability of the UN providing Doppler radars to developing countries that are greatly affected by storms.
I was wondering if anyone knew what the cost of buying and installing a brand new doppler radar (same as the current NWS ones) would be, not taking into account the cost of staffing and maintenance.
If anyone could help me out that would be great!
-Alex Fisher
I am not 100% sure, but it would probably be a safe bet to count on $2 million each for US manufactured 750,000 watt 88D's. Should you need to pinch pennies, you might be able to swing some Baron 350,000 watt models for roughly $1 million.

Just be careful and make sure you keep the funds away from those corrupt UN officials! :wink:

Thankfully I saved some paperwork from our site in Abilene... it was sitting in my bin for 12 years waiting for this moment, I suppose:


The only caveat is that I'm not sure how this was priced (development may have been built into the cost).