Contributer's to the NWS Hotseat?


Hello, I see the contributer's page on the NWS "Hotseat" warning descision simulater and it has only 1 contribution. Playing the same 4 scenarios get's boring and the NWS takes forever to make a new one so I was wondering why has no one here made a scenario and sent it in? How hard is it to make scenarios and do you need to get permision from the NWS to make one? Anybody could contribute right?

I need something to do while waiting for the chase case games to start back up. Thanks for answering my questions.

Link to "Hotseat" Simulater:
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I was the one that contributed the Nov 12 case. It does take a decent amount of time, as you have to name the files in some sort of order, then program in the storm report locations and the storm report times (making adjustments so it actually lines up with the radar). Then you have to write a script that tells the java applet what to do. If i had more time i would make more.
Thanks for taking the time to do that. Those are always fun... something to do when NOTHING is going on with the weather.
My FAR was 40% and POD 92%. I didn't miss any tornadoes but missed a TSTRM WRN plus my lead time for tornadoes was only 7 minutes. :( Sorry Iowa.
Thanks again for taking the time to create it.
Thats not that much better than the weather service did here. Since Ames is on the edge of the county, there was just a few minutes warning to the western parts of town. There was eight minutes of warning before the tornado hit the far NW part of town after it curved north. Had the tornado not curved north, it would have hit Iowa State University where thousands of fans were attending a football game. Our basketball venue, Hilton Colloseum, is consider a safe place during severe weather and could likely hold most of the crowd, but 8 minutes doesn't quite give enough time for thousands and thousands of fans to get inside tiny entrance corridors. We were lucky that day.
Scott do you have any plans to make another scenario? Your scenario was lots of fun Scott I was listning to the warnings on the car radio that day and was sad when I heard woodward was hit. a Storm formed south west of Newton that day but Thankfully it did not become tornadic.