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Concerning Rocky's chaser picnic

Hey What's up?? First off, I'm very humbled over the several posts that many prefer to have the picnic here at my farm again this year. A big thank you!

However, I in no way want to interfere with the plans that Linda Wade may have, I sincerely will make the effort in being there..May 28th as you know can be an active time and if there is a decent chance of signifigant storms, I'll likely be out chasing as you probably will too.

I am willing to still host a get together as long that it does not influence who may or may not go to Linda Wade's get together in Wakita...personally, I think it would be fun to check this out, sounds like alot of work is already going into this on her end and of course if there is anything I can do, I want to help..I just hope May 28th will be a quiet one weather wise because if there is even a slight risk or more near by....
go figure!

As for my potential dates... Saturday May 14th or 21rst or June 4th will be the target dates...1pm ontil whenever.. As the dates draw closer, I'll let you know the specific's...right now, I'm focused on heading to DEN on Monday as U2 takes to stage Wed. night at the Pepsi Center!! And I'll be there buddy!!, after that, my trip home Thurs. may have some storms involved...and I'll be truly ready to get this season off and running.