Climate Predictions Center

bill mudd

Jul 2, 2004
laguna beach california
Climate Predictions Center - US Hazards - now this prediction page is pretty general, but for people living out of the area wanting to chase I STRONGLY suggest making a reference to it because it gives you about a five to 10 day heads up on severe weather and regions affected.....Ive watched it be very accurate over and over when you just want to know what states you should be targeting
Currently 6/12 to 6/19 I believe it has Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska as severe outbreak potential.
Maybe someone can post a link here.....
I also highly recommend this page. Their discussions are very detailed and often talk about very key climate features. I've learned quite a bit about ciculation and other climate features (i.e., ENSO, etc). They also have links to the model ensemble pages ("spaghetti plots") and discussion about them. For those that don't know, the ensembles are basically different model runs tweaked just a bit and compared to each other. The closer the lines are the higher the confidence in the forecast.

It's great for judging confidence levels in forecasts, as well as making your own long-term forecasts.