Clear-sky rainbow

Dan Robinson

Tuesday I went out chasing for lightning until late into the night. Late in the afternoon, a weak area of convection developed south of downtown Charleston and moved northward over the eastern side of town. About a half an hour later, it rapidly dissipated completely until there was no cloud material from the cell left. The only clouds in the sky were some leftover orphaned anvil fragments and a few distant Cb to the east. However, apparently large water droplets were still present in mid-air over town, as a faint rainbow formed literally in clear sky. I have never seen this before, it was amazing. The rainbow was easy to see but difficult to capture on camera. You can barely make it out in these photos (click to enlarge):

really faint....but i was able to make it out. that is really kewl!
Wow! I've seen one of those under an orphan anvil with heavy virga, but the color and the amount of visibility was nowhere near as good.