"Classic" Tornado Videos of the 21st Century


In one of the videos of the Wyneewood tornado from this last Monday, there appears to be a flying house, too.

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In Dick McGowen's video a house appears to get sucked into the tornado.

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Here's a video from May 9, 2016 that I missed before, showing some of the clearest multi-vortex action I've seen yet (other than McGowan's Alpena video) in both the Katie and later Sulphur tornadoes. There's several chasers' versions of it crossing that country road as a Pampa-esque drillbit and blowing apart a house, but I didn't even know the Katie tornado had a multi-vortex phase this dramatic.

This is another video of the Cullman, AL tornado of 4-27-11 from "mcgrathimages" that I think would qualify. You have the secondary funnel looming out ahead, then the main vortex in contact with the ground as a not-fully-condensed but violently rotating drillbit and moving at blinding speed.

Unfortunately, the Pilger video that appears to show a house being lofted in one piece, Wizard of Oz style, seems to have been removed from YouTube.
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Going to add some of my favourites to this in the hope of reviving the thread!

First up, Skip Talbot's Albert Lea MN EF-4. Visually this is just stunning.

Val and Amy Castor's remarkable footage of the May 3rd tornado.

Pecos Hank's Madill Oklahoma video

When I have time, I plan on re-releasing the videos I made back in the 1990's including the "Tornado Warning" series. Much of this footage no longer exists and I've been told I have the only copies.

A distillation of many tornadoes in a fictional outbreak might be a good project. The very thin tornadoes talked out elsewhere for a beginning…Jarrell super thin footage…then the “Holy Tornado” footage above…Tuscaloosa…Andover…Moore… Hackleberg…then El Reno as it got diffuse…Pilger then Grazulis video where one tornado weakens and is absorbed into the other…then Cordova above…all presented as if it were one event.