Cingular wireless data packages

I just purchased a new Sony ericsson edge gc83 pc card. and i called the cingular headquarters, and they want a contract. 12 months at 80. then i call a local retailer, they want me to add an additional line, then 94.99 for unlimited data connect. I KNOW there is a way to get set up without a contract.....anyone have any suggestions????? that's just crazy!
I don't think you can start up a service fresh without at least a 1yr contract. For what it's worth, you should be able to change Data Connect plans when you're not chasing (well, by the month). So, you can have the unlimited plan for $79.99 for spring or whatnot, then change to the $9.99 plan (or whatever the lowest plan is) for the remainer of the year. Changing plans should be entirely okay as long as you don't accept any promotions (since promotions will extend your contract).
It been over a year since I worked for Cingular...but in the number of years I was there they always had a no contract option. The customers just had to purchase their own equipment at full price. Things may have since changed since number portability has come along they have tightened up a lot to keep customers locked in. So it is possible that you now have to sign a 1 year contract, but its also likely that they aren't telling you the truth since reps don't make anything off non contract accounts.