Chasing/weather related vanity plates


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That's odd. Both IE and Firefox.

I tried searching for vanity plates, but didn't come up with anything useful. I thought there was a thread on it before, but couldn't find it. Oh well...couldn't post in the archived one anyway.

What do you have in mind for yours? I went through a variety of choices before I settled on VORTEX1 (just ordered it earlier at the bureau). Luckily it's available in Ohio. Personalized fee is $35 in Ohio, on top of regular plate charges that comes out to about $80.

(Photo courtesy of my brother Matt)
I actually just got some new vanity plates for my vehicle as a gift... I'll get a pic up over break here hopefully, but my plate reads:


Oh and of course it is an Iowa State Vanity plate... ;)
Both my cars had vanity plates. The car with TWISTRS died but I kept the plates before it was towed out. My newest car has TORNADQ.

Above currently in use

This one is temporarily retired
Everyone knows the "WXNERD" !! I seem to remember the old, retired, crashed up WXNERD vehicel and the new one. I believe there was a thread when you had a bad accident?? Anyway, great plate.

I have a set of fun plates... WX NERD

I'll get a pic posted as soon as I find the thing! LOL
Some of you might have seen mine or "someone elses" before,

CUNOZ, Nebraska plates.

It was supposed to be CU N OZ but they screwed them up somehow, I can get them corrected for only 6 bucks but I keep procastinating. Hmmm, maybe I'll do that today...
My old one was old school WSR-57 code ...TRWXXA...should have seen all the confused looks in my rear view mirror. A bunch of people just honked their horns as they went by and shrugged their shoulders. Air Force guys knew second plate was BWER.
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Yes, the original ride of the WX NERD plates was totalled out about this time last year in fact... the plates I pulled from the car and put on the new ride which I purchased in January. The front plate which is bent up from the accident, is on the front of my van.

Everyone knows the "WXNERD" !! I seem to remember the old, retired, crashed up WXNERD vehicel and the new one. I believe there was a thread when you had a bad accident?? Anyway, great plate.
A few years ago I made a list of about 30 possible storm related license tags. I'll have to dig up the list and post it here. Personally I wanted a tag that storm chasers would understand but insurance companies wouldn't. Turning in a hail claim when you license plate says "BIG HAIL" might be tricky LOL. I settled on "CLD CORE" because I love to chase cold core setups.
Well, they came in the mail today; less than a week it took to apply for them and get them in the mail. I'm surprised...



Yeah, I know, my truck needs a bit touching up. That's what happens when you frequent stone and dirt roads...bumper definitely needs painted again.
I've been out of my vanity plate phase for years now, but I had two different ones back in the day:

1999 - "ROTATE" (before I had heard of the scientific project)

2001 - "NADERS"
Couldn't think of anything better so I have.....
The bumper stickers say-
"Warning: Tornado chaser... stay back one town..."
and another says-
"I don't brake for tornadoes, but I yield to flying cows."

Got them off the internet. Not my creation. Kudos to whoever thought of them.