Chasing Jeanne

I guess its time to start yet another one of these threads...

remember, frances knocked out gas to most of east and central florida, so if you are coming you need extra gas. Remember, with the current track models, if it makes landfall in florida it is probably going to follow you north as you try to leave.

some local news I usually look at in east-central florida.

Evacuations are supposed to start tommorow in a number of counties.
Gas is already getting short here in south and central Florida. The gas lines are running about 1 hour at many locations that still have fuel.

Chasers coming in from the north need to top off often while moving south into the state. As the hurricane warnings go up alot of gas stations turn off power to the pumps when they evac.

There are also a few gas stations in the Vero Beach / Ft Pierce area's still not open from Hurricane Frances as they are waiting on new pumps.

Good luck to everyone.

Jeff Gammons
I read this morning about the amount of debris still present in some areas currently under evacuation. I would think this makes chasing Jeanne exponentially more complicated as piles of debris, some as high as six feet, become an arsenal of dangerous missiles.
Yes. there remains alot of debris in front of alot of homes and buildings. My street was cleared just two days ago of all the debris just in time for new stuff to pile up.

Been a wild day here with people waiting on trucks to bring in gas before tomorrow mornings evac's.

Heading back out "again" to finish up the storm shutters.

Jeff Gammons
...bridges to the barrier islands in flagler county close to eastbound traffic tommorow, saturday at 1500 local


that is a county in the northern periphery of the warning.
Heck, we've still got more than enough debris here from Charley. I noticed tonight that most gas stations here have stopped selling the cheap gas, and are only selling super. Local news covering the beach areas says a whole lot of people aren't going to evacuate this time, which tells me emergency response crews may be in for a truly awful weekend.
man this track is annoying.

im thinking that we will wait until the last possible moment to depart my home in daytona beach, fl, sometime tommorow afternoon.

I may try to position us near where the eye is supposed to be at first light ~0700 local. Im tired of getting eyes passing in the middle of the night.

anyway, i saw no significant traffic delays today...but that could change tommorow morning, especially if the storm continues to intensify.
I have seen on my local news that there are many whom are not evacuating this time because they are tired of it. I understand but if a Cat 3 were coming at my already hurricane battered home, think I may say "goodbye" to my abode and get to safer ground. I thought maybe it was cost of leaving, but no one said that, just that they are tired of evacuations. Scary to me.
Stay safe to all our folks on here from FL, haven't seen anyone stating that they are chasing this one.
Looks like Jeanne may hit an even higher population than either Frances or Charley did. Clients of my hubby in Punta Gorda aren't taking any chances (seems that the folks down there don't have good faith in the NWS's track record of the tracks of these storms) and have evacuated to Tallahassee. Wonder how many are going to move after this latest disaster from FL.
Track has seemed to move significantly W from yesterday's forecast. Looks like both coasts are in for it. Even inland you are not safe from this one, like Charley and Frances. Heard somewhere that they are thinking of stating inland hurricane warnings for storms now. I am afraid the death toll from Jeanne will far surpass that of Frances and Charley, not counting other nations already impacted but just us. :(
allright im off, going to position south on 95 as the track dictates...

definetly going to be looking for a hospital of some sort to be near... they are the only places with lights.