Chase 2005 - "Elements Of a Chase" Video

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Now Available ... The video of CHASE EXPEDITION 2005 in Tornado Alley USA! This is not for the faint of heart, as this video covers 12 states of storm chasing in America's Midwest and Great Plains in two trips, one from May 13 through June 1, and another from June 9 to June 13! Watch the compelling chase video centered on "elements of the chase", portraying rain and wind, and building up to giant hail plus an incredible tornado outbreak finale.

The video is over an hour of full-digital WIDESCREEN video shot with 3-CCD HD technology and professionally edited with smooth transitions and annotating text. The production ends with a short music video combining a high-energy beat with the drama of Chase 2005.

The video package is great for both educational and entertainment purposes, and is priced is $29.95 for the DVD and $24.95 for VHS (other formats also available upon request). All prices INCLUDE shipping via USPS!

For more information plus how to order - Visit the link provided below!

There are a few "video teaser" and previews from the video at the links provided below...


Hail Footage:




Want to see the chasing behind the video? Check out the detailed storm chase logs for myself (including those done with the weathervine crew) which are complete and available for your viewing pleasure!

There are two links below (one for the 3-week MAY chase and another for the shorter JUNE chase)...

Each chase log has a detailed description and includes video and pictures!