Cell Phone internet


I am sure alot of the younger guys know what is out there and available. I just got a trea 650 cell phone. I did not know stuff like this existed on the planet. This thing is incredible, I see huge benefits for chasing with it. If you have not looked at one of these it is worth a peek. It has internet access to any web site, it is a wireless high speed pc card, so you can either with a usb cable or with blue tooth plug your laptop right in and connect. The phone is expensive, but it does take the place of about 3 or 4 items. Web acces, pc card, music and video player and a camera for low res quick pics. Oh forgot- a phone.
I used a Treo 650 on vacation this summer. I loved it and almost bought one, but I just can't justify the monthly charges at this time. The price of the 650 is slowly dropping though. Its great for the internet, but it works best with sites designed for mobile devices. One of the best parts of the 650 is that it is not much bigger than a normal cell phone. Most handheld devices are an odd shape and uncomfortable to talk on without an ear piece, not the 650.

My biggest complaint is that the 650 needs wifi. It would make so much since if they could build that in. I'd pass up the camera for wifi any day.

I never knew you could plug into a laptop via USB and connect to the internet.