CDMA 3G technology hits Kansas

After doing some research and waffling between GSM and CDMA... I decided to pull the trigger on my major upgrade. I just invested in an Alltel data package, Axcess MobileLink that takes *FULL* advantage of the ever-growing "near" 3G CDMA technology. Out here in Western Kansas, CDMA 1xRTT is running like wildfire. There is basically a CDMA 1xRTT tower in pretty much every county seat in Western Kansas... plus some... according to this map. As you can see, Kansas is pretty much covered now in 3G CDMA technology.

I had to give it a quick test-run, though to see how it really is. I drove 25 miles to just north of Jetmore and back. I had "No signal" probably 1/3 of the entire route... with a majority of the route being 1 bar on the computer GUI. Even at 1 bar, I had a good strong connection to the internet and was able to download at an approximate 56k speed. In Jetmore, where I had 2 bars, I downloaded a full size UCAR water vapor image in just under 10 seconds. Running StormLab in auto update mode, driving back home 25 miles, I didn't miss one single volume scan from an 88D site running in VCP-12 (4.1 minute update).

According to the map, 3G CDMA is about to spread over much of Nebraska. The southern Plains TX PH and Oklahoma, I'm not sure about, with only QNC (14.4k) network in digital areas.

As one who chases mostly in Kansas much of the warm season...
this is very exciting. I'm glad I've held off on WxWorx.

Mike U
Now if only we could get something in western KS that Sprint would at least ROAM on. It was dead dead dead out there earlier this year.
I'll second that Dave. It's a given that if you have sprint and you go past Hays on I-70 that you are not going to have service for a long time. I have been amazed that I always get full service on I-40 from Amarillo to OKC.
News from the inside: You'll start to see Sprint coverage improve very soon. I wouldn't be surprised if it's by next spring. NexTech in Hays is in agreement with Sprint, and they are putting up a number of towers all over out there. They tell me there will be a tower in my old stomping grounds of Ness City.

I'm very glad you posted this Mike. I've been contemplating my contract with Altell. You just can't beat their coverage, but their data has been lacking for a while now. I'm glad to hear they've taken these steps.