Car Insurance Questions

Kevin Koivula

Alright....Question about car insurance. If they know you storm chase or have any clue that you do, can they deny a claim? Could they raise your rates? How far would they dig to find out if you do storm chase.

These questions were kinda floating through my head last night, as i was getting close to a storm that was dropping a lot of hail. Not big hail...only like golf ball size, but still.

I have full coverage....but was kinda wondering, incase something seriously went bad and if any questions such as..."so what exactly were you doing 100 miles from home on a work night in the middle of the nasty storm with those cameras and camcorder.

I mean would they even ask this stuff....or dig to find the truth out.

Just wonderin'. Has anyone actually experienced something with car insurance like this...other than getting ripped off and their equipment wasn't covered?

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It's better to be up front about what you do. They will likely find out anyway, especially if you have a web site, post on a public forum, or have video on TV. You might pay a little more on your premiums, but it's not going to be a huge amount. I told my agent what I did, and they set me up with a business policy that covers me. I pay only $30 more per month on my insurance than what I used to. That's really not that bad, and I don't have to hide anything from them.

Equipment is another story. Cameras, laptops and other gear are usually not covered over a certain dollar amount. I could not find affordable coverage for my cameras, no one will insure them if you are taking them outside of a fixed location, such as a studio. I think you're better off here by getting an alarm system and a camera cage or pelican case that locks and is bolted/cabled to your car's frame. That and getting into the habit of making sure you use these tools to keep your things secure, even if you're running into Allsup's for a minute to get a burrito.

In my opinion, we (chasers) *should* pay more on our insurance. We do put our cars at a greater risk of damage and accidents, if not only for the fact that we put a year's worth of miles on our cars in less than a month. Add to that dirt and muddy roads, hail, etc. Insurance is based on risk, and it's only fair that we pay a little more.

(And no, I don't work for the insurance industry;))
thank you Dan & Chris...I believe that does answer my questions :)

Kevin wrote:
Not big hail...only like golf ball size, but still.

You don't consider hail the size of golfballs to be big? :roll: :lol:
ok, maybe it was kinda big. It wasn't baseball size though....that's what i ment