Canon XL1S For Sale

Joey Ketcham

I posted this a while back, but reposting again. I'm selling my Canon XL1S which has only been used a dozen times or so and is in great condition. It comes with the X1LS, batter, charger, remote, manual along with an extra batter, maxell tape rewinder, on-camera light (needs light bulb), bogen tripod, and 3 filters.

Shipping is free.​
This is a great deal folks.. someone should jump right on this one.

It's a damn good camera, wish I had more of a use with it but don't and I hate to see it just sit around.
Intersted in the XL1s

I am interested. I would need to see pictures of the camera and have verification on how you would ship (in case, packaged, etc).

Also, I assume it is NTSC but just making sure.

How many hours on the heads?

The main thing is that there are too many scams on the Internet. If I were to consider this I would require that we use which guarantees you have the merchandise and it guarantees my payment is good. This is the main escrow company on the net to insure that neither of us are getting scammed. If you would be willing to use this escrow company, I would be willing to pay $1400 and I will pay all the escrow fees which will bring the total back up to around $1500 that I will be paying if you will still cover shipping.

If you wish to pursue this, please send me the pictures at [email protected]. Thanks.
I assure you Kkirsche Joey isnt a scammer.. He has been around here for years and is well known..

Welcome to the board..
I can attest to this. I bought a pocket PC from him a while back and everything went as smooth as a babies bottom! Joey is a good, honest guy.
And although he lead me on my first Plains storm chase into a 40 degree dense fog bank, and he has an affinity for bad pizza, I will also gladly vouch for Joey. If you can't trust him, you can't trust your own mother.

Sorry it took a while to reply, just got over the flu.. bleh.

Thanks Evan, Fred and Jason.

I'll send you an email kkirsche.

LOL Evan, can't forget that chase.. for some reason out of all the chases over the years that nice foggy day stands out above the rest.
XL-1 reply

I'm with Butler Community College in El Dorado. We've been looking for an XL-1 (or 2) for the studio. Is this still a vaild offer? Is that a firm price?
Steve Cless

I'm very interested in the camera as well. Has it been sold already?