Canon PowerShot 3.2 S1 IS worth it???

Matt Muir

Shoping for a new digital. I like this model, sells for about $500. I know 3.2pix is a little low, but 32X/$500 seems good to me. Any opinions?????
As other people have told me in my quest for a new camera, having a good zoom is nice, but if you want structure shots you really need to have something that can zoom OUT as well. Don't get me wrong, I love telephoto pictures as much as the next guy, but there are a couple instances where I have found myself wishing I had a wide-angle camera to shoot with.
Michael's right. Wide-angle lenses are a must for chasing. Even then you'll still have to take panoramic shots sometimes! The sky is huge, especially to a camera lens.

On the other hand, a good zoom lens is helpful because often you'll be too far away from a photogenic tornado to fill the frame with it. Easier to zoom in on a tornado than to miss the whole thing by trying to get closer.
If all you wanna do is up to 11x16 or 8x10, 3mp should suit you fine. The 8mp cameras are mostly hype. What isn't hype are 6mp and beyond DSLRs... these clearly dominate the competition. As a matter of fact, my 3mp D30 DSLR still out performs most if not all prosumer normal digi cams out there. You just can't beat the low noise, the color accuracy, and the sharpness of the lens you put on it.

My advice: Look at the feature set and shop from that perspective.

There is no Doubt Aaron is right here.. my point and shoot is basically worthless.. I am not pleased at all with the results.. I mean color is good etc.. but its all in the lense i must say.. And to get a lense you need a digital SLR.. Oh well I can use my new lil' camera for promotional and mediocre weather shots.. but if you want quality photography like you see around here on these guys websites.. you need an SLR.. and for ease of use preferably digital..
SLR or a pricey point and shoot! I have the Sony DSC-F828 which cost about $1000 at Best Buy, I have had it for 8 months now, and I just figured out how to use the thing for taking good weather pics! The thing about this camera is that it is the point and shoot camera that is almost like a SLR camera. You have the manual focus and manual zoom rings on the camera which make it nice to try and focus into things, and there is a wealth of manual controls. I don't know if you can replace the lens in the thing or not as of yet, but my idea is probably not.

I wished I learned how to use my camera better for that Russell, Kansas chase two weeks ago :oops:
If you are going to spend 1000 dollars on a camera, you might as well go to and get the Canon EOS Digital Rebel kit. It comes with an 18-55 mm lens (which I can only guess is pretty good) and it is a damn good DSLR. With the lens and some other accessories it includes the cost is about 900 dollars shipped but worth every penny.
I did shop around features, and the camera has opional wide and zoom lenses. Canon also makes a waterproof case which is not only good for pictures in the rain but also underwater which is another hobby I was kinda wondering if anyone had experience with this specific camera
I have a Canon A20 and it has been a great camera. But I need more now.
I have been toying with the Kodak 6490 or HP 945. Both have the features I want, plus great lenses. I do not like to work for my pics, so a point and shoot is what I need. I was looking at the Olympus 300 but the lens isn't what I want, but it is water resistant.
In a price range up to $350 (I am poor), what would be the best camera for my money? I like what Ben had to say about the Sony, but wayyyy out of my budget.
I totally agree with Aaron about DSLRs. You will not be able to beat the features.

Since I have a film SLR I still use to shoot low speed high res/ wide angle slides... I opted not to do the DSLR route last year.

I have a 6.3MP Fuji S7000. It's a good camera with lots of features and manual modes. It does have only a 6x optical zoom so I am very limited here (I haven't bought extenders/other lenses, though they're available). I have my SLR to fall back on for shoots that the digi won't handle.

The Fuji is now down under $400 online. It has the look of an SLR (a bit), so when I'm out and about, I might have my Canon SLR and the Fuji around my neck, along with my DVcam on my shoulder.

I'm sure I look like a combat photographer. I just need the fatigues.

There are some pics I shot with the Fuji on my site. All pics on this page were made with the Fuji. Of course, they're now compressed JPEGs.