Can you get SPC text Sent to a Pager?

Apr 1, 2004
I just bought a pager so that I could get the text from watches and warnings sent to me when I am out chasing. There is a local station here in Wichita that offers the service of sending this information to you as soon as the watch or warning is issued. I was wondering if there was any way to get the text sent to you on SPC mesoscale discussions. If anybody knows anything about this or any other services that will send weather info. to a pager that might be valuable to a chaser, please let me know. Thanks, Mikey Gribble
Try I've been with them for a few years and I'm very happy with their service. It's lightning fast.


Stormnow is a great service that you can get, usually I think most people get it to send text messages to their cell phone. I know they are very quick to get things out! They have SPC things and you can get them to send warnings as well, but only for so many counties and that wouldn't be needed if you are using this for chasing.
If you have access to a UNIX/LINUX machine with the Weather Program on it, you can create a script that reads any text product you want and have it send the info as an email or text message to your phone/pager. That way you don't have to pay for the service and can send the info you want. I had a friend set it up so that anytime there was a T-storm/Tor watch or warning issued in OK he got a message saying th counites, valid time etc.
Many cellphones have a pseudo-email address associated with the service that delivers the messages as a text message. For example, from a page on text messaging ( ):

<div class='quotetop'>QUOTE("Cingular")</div>
Can I send and receive e-mail messages using my wireless phone?
All Cingular phones are set up to send and receive email messages by using the following address: [email protected]. You can exchange short e-mails with any e-mail address worldwide.[/b]

Go to and sign up, after which time you can create an alias (like [email protected] or [email protected] )... What does this all mean? This allows you to sign up for an email warning delivery service, but have it delivered to your cellphone instead! I've seen more email warning delivery services than text message services, so you just need to use the *** email address, and you'll receive the message as a test message on your cellphone.
I use stormnow as well and have had it for years. You can also use programs like interwarn to send it to your pager as well. I norm. stick with storm now due to things like a power failure cutting the link to my computer. Most of them will not reboot if the power is lost. <_<