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Can You Exhale Dry Ice at -111 Degrees Fahrenheit?

At Vostok, Antarctica, it's currently -111 degrees Fahrenheit (Weather Underground). I just thought of something...

Dry ice's temperature is -109 F. If you were standing at Vostok now and exhaled, is it possible that some of your breath would turn into carbon dioxide snow? Also, could there some be some dry ice snow mixed in with water ice at Vostok?

Well, from working at Dippin' Dots, we used dry ice to keep the cream cold while in transit to its location. And at 7 a.m., if our dry ice contaners were left in the freezer overnight, you could walk in there and it would literally "pull" the oxygen" from your lungs. (Good ole C02) Cold yes, but it somehow depletes the oxygen. (pardon the non-scientific approach :roll: )