I'm considering getting my vid cam through them, and saw the value packs.

Should I just get all my accessories through them or would ebay be a better place?

Also, how reputable is buydig?
I'll have to totally agree. While I do find a lot of good deals via Ebay, I usually buy from a company directly. I just feel safer.
I bought my digital camera from them little over a year ago..

didn't have any probs...
Dan, is a very reliable place to buy from. They always seem to have good deals and they also have very good service. Accessories on the other hand are always found cheaper on Ebay. But as always you have to be a little cautious while you are on Ebay. One thing that I found out to be nice about Buydig is that they don't hassle you to by extra accessories when you buy from them unlike almost any other company. One company that I would discourage anyone from even looking at is If you do not buy accessories from them then they will tell you that the camera or camcorder is out of stock. I read somewhere online that a study was done about some companies like this and it was found that they will only sell you their products if you buy their overpriced accessories. They lure you in with their low prices on their products but even out their profit when they rip you off on accessories. So basically low prices on the net aren't always they best price if you get what I am saying. Just my input.

I just received the digital camera I bought through and also want to extend my good ratings. I also picked up an accessory pack which included a 256 Meg CF card, case, and cleaning kit. In the end, I payed $253.94 for the Canon Powershot A85, the accessories, and shipping. The camera itself was running about $190, so I ended up paying an extra $50 for the accessories. Had I elected to get those through eBay, I would image after shipping, I would've paid close enough to the same as many of those vendors charge outragous shipping fees for some of these things. I did, however, buy extra CF cards through eBay. I got a helluva deal on a pair of 256 meg SimpleTech CFs, paying $16.99 each with FREE SHIPPING on both from a reputable dealer. Yesterday, I paid $32 w/ shipping for a SanDisk 256meg CF, so you can see the difference.

Wrapping it all up, buydig was a very nice experience; they had my order processed and I had it in my hands in 7 days! I cannot complain about that at all! Definately one of the better online deals I've found!
Ill stick with BH photo.. :wink: Or EVS online

Im glad it worked out well for you Tony.. I have a nightmare story of my 2k being hijacked for a sony dx10 for 4 weeks before I had my money back. It was some sleepless nights for sure..

( I buy digital )were the culprits.. I since found out many of the companies on the net and in the photog/recorder mags are owned by the same cat.