Boston Thundersnow

The New England snow storm is now producing nice thundersnow with CG and long lasting rumbling thunder in the Boston area. Snow rate is now 3-4" per hour. We aren't going out to shovel right now - getting hit by lightning during a snowstorm is not cool.
We're rockin' up in Salem/Beverly. We have several inches on the ground. The sound of Thunder over muffled snow is kind of surreal. It's been going on for a while. Along with the CG. It's quite beautiful out here.
I must say I am quite jealous. Find a way to send some of that stuff over here, it could really scare the bad guys, lol.
scary thundersnow

Yeah, it's scared some of my friends in Connecticut, Rhode Island, NH and even Marblehead, MA. I've gotten lots of emails about it. My RI friend said her house is shaking. My mother in PA said she had lightning and thunder with her snow at 5 am. The remnants of the sun came out just in time for a nice sunset behind white covered trees. Estimating about 7-8 inches here just west of Boston. I don't think this stuff ships well though. Just think convective thoughts.