Best Night Time Camera?

Mike Gulley

Anyone have any advice on a good night time camera?

I ran some storms last night and grab some pics and video footage... When pulling the stuff down this morning, I realized, that my stuff just dont cut it!!!
For video - I have a Sony Digital 8 and a Panasonic mini-dv 3ccd now. The Panasonic is terrific for daytime ... the color is wonderful. But I still like the Sony better for low-light. I also prefer the Sony for its infinity focus setting. But can't beat 3ccd for images ...

For still it doesn't make as much difference ... it's more a matter of the photographer just learning how to use manual settings and what their camera is capable of. (Must have manual capability for shooting night-time stills.) This is not to mention the importance of the lens you use (must have a fast lens in the dark). If you are shooting with film, you also need a fast film. And you always need to tripod.